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Kris Alcorn

Must-have items to simplify your move into a new home

by Kris Alcorn 05/26/2023

Items to simplify your move into a new home featured image

Moving into a new home can be strenuous, as much planning and preparation goes into the process. As you get settled into your property, there are a few great items to keep on hand to help you ease the transition.  

Information about past purchases

Many new homeowners find the most useful thing a previous owner can leave behind is the receipts for appliances still left in the house. Model numbers paired along with receipts can help new owners replace items and simplify the process of replacing electronic parts.  

It’s also really helpful to have access to the paint shade information that was used throughout the house. This way, if you wish to repaint in that specific shade, you can get an exact match.  

Cleaning supplies 

As items are being moved into a home, it can be easy for things such as footprints, dust and other particles to build up quickly. Having cleaning supplies on hand can help you quickly tidy up the place with ease.  

If you pack your cleaning supplies ahead of time, it’s beneficial to place the items all in the same box with a label, this way you can identify where your cleaning supplies are located without having to do too much searching.  

A steel handcart

Moving often consists of carrying many items into your new space, both small and large. Whether you're moving a box of clothes or large appliances, it helps to have a steel handcart.  

A handcart can help you safely move around items without putting as much strain on your back. It can also help you move boxes from point A to point B much quicker than carrying them.  

A Carbon monoxide & smoke detector

Even if you trust the previous homeowners, there’s no way to be 100 percent certain there aren’t any fire or CO hazards in the home that you’re unaware of. Getting new smoke, carbon monoxide detectors and batteries is a great investment. After installing, you can sleep with peace of mind knowing you have these protections in your home.  

Using the aforementioned tips, you can simplify the process of settling into your new home.