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Kris Alcorn

About Me

After growing up in Utah, I married and moved to Maryland to set down roots in 1985. My husband and I have a wonderful family with two sons, two beautiful daughter-in-laws and five wonderful grandchildren.

I started selling real estate in 1986 and nine years later moved into the mortgage business. After twenty years in the mortgage industry, I was excited to jump back into real estate in 2015, because I love helping buyers find their dream home and sellers achieve a higher profit than they thought possible!

In 2021, we lost our oldest son, Andrew "Stew" Alcorn, IV. Stew proudly served Frederick City as a police officer for 14 years. I was able to witness the selflessness that my son, and all those who served alongside him exhibit on a daily basis more times that I can count. He told us countless stories of the comradery between the entire first responder community. After Stew’s death, I knew that I needed to carry on his legacy by giving back to those he served with, both locally and beyond. And so, I partnered with other industry professionals to create A First Responder Discount Program to help first responders (and their families) save money when buying or selling a home.

You might ask, why I didn’t create this program while my son was alive? And the truth is that while I could give you any number of excuses, perhaps this was part of Stew’s purpose all along, that his passing help shine a light on giving back to the first responders who boldly serve each and every day. So this is very personal to me, and I am honored to do a small part in giving back to our small town heroes.